ENCOUNTERS 18. November 2022 – 28. January 2023

18. November 2022
- 28. January 2023


ISABELLA BERR’S pictorial worlds do not immediately reveal themselves to the casual observer. What is shown seems at the same time strangely absent, elusive, at any rate diffuse. We cannot rely on our eyes.

The imagination does the main work. Desires and fears, memories and projections slip into the perception. The whole picture emerges only in the viewer. What he sees reveals more about himself than about the artist.

She makes a point of not staging, of not changing anything in a big way. Everything is pure photography, even if it seems like painting. But it is not photography as we are used to it. A realistic image of the world? That would be too simple. In Isabella Berr’s work, everything is multiply fractured: the inner world of the outer world of the inner world. The theatrum mundi she stages plays on the stage of the soul. She presents dream worlds through which we walk like sleepwalkers.

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