Edge of Reality

12. January 2024
- 29. February 2024

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Edge of reality

At the start of 2024, follow Jim Avignon into his diverse, parallel, fragmentarily interlocking worlds, in which usual visual experiences are irritated. As a German pop art artist, Avignon rushes through the (art) world first and foremost as a painter – but also as a musician, illustrator and conceptual artist. British Airways planes flew over Europe decorated with his artwork. A part of the East Side Gallery shines in its incomparable colors. BMW, Mini, Telekom and Swatch are among his customers.

He sees himself as an adventurer and driven by his curiosity. For him, art is a medium of communication, which makes him a chronicler of urban life in his exchange with his viewers. Whether the constraints or inexhaustible possibilities of big city life – in his works they encounter the political nuances that shake global but also German-European conditions and thus our world – as we think we understand it.

His unchanged style not only makes him unmistakable, but also allows for references to New Objectivity, which underline his playful approach to iconographic and painterly traditions. He reflects on the world of the visible and allows the viewer to recognize at first glance numerous paraphrases of iconographically important figures and motifs from old and new masters. His oeuvre revolves around the representation of the failure of the individual in the world. But are we really failing or are we just constantly finding new, creative ways to make our way through the urban jungle – always looking for ourselves?

The title of the exhibition, borrowed from a late Elvis Presley song, takes on a completely new meaning in the age of fake news and artificial intelligence. Self-discovery is in contrast to the flood of information we have to cope with – always at the edge of reality.

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