17. July 2020
- 23. July 2020

EIKE KÖNIG – the world-famous graphic designer and initiator of the multidisciplinary design studio HORT is coming to the Heitsch Gallery! In the context of the new exhibition concept FUTURE LAB, the latest creations of Eike König will be presented, as for some years now he has been dedicating more and more to his personal work as a visual artist. His paintings, light installations and silk-screen prints are direct, but at the same time can be interpreted in many different ways. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?, TRUST, THE FUTURE, big slogans in Helvetica dominate Eike’s paintings, but he always counteracts the great motifs of our time with the banal: NO WIFI, D’AMORE. Pop culture and existential philosophical questions are not contradictory. They always take place simultaneously in our life reality. Symbolically for this simultaneity, Eike König confronts the philosopher with the cartoon character from the Simpsons in his work HOMER VS HOMER and thus brings our existence between consumption, reflection, fear of the future and enthusiasm to the point.

Please feel free to visit our VIRTUAL EXHIBITION about Eike König!

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