09. July 2020
- 16. July 2020

The Heitsch Gallery presents the sculptor STEFAN FAAS as part of the new exhibition concept FUTURE LAB. All works by Stefan Faas can be traced back to anthropomorphic forms. His sculptures are partly inspired by Greek mythologies and create a connection to great stories of love, power and grief. In the series of heads and steles, he explores how far reduction can be taken to create associations with human characters. The highly polished surface of the mirror steel adds a further, decisive dimension to the sculpture. In addition to the form and the reference to space, reflection is now added. The entire environment is reflected in the bare surface, as is the viewer, and thus becomes part of the artwork. This reflection on one’s own ego and the relationship between the individual and society enables an existential experience in dealing with art, especially in these days. This depth of content is in dialogue with formal consistency, which makes Stefan Faas’ works desirable works of art of timeless aesthetics.

Artists of the exhibition

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Artworks of the exhibition

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