26. October 2019
- 17. December 2019

HEITSCH GALLERY presents the installation artist with colour objects at Gärtnerplatz

VERNISSAGE: FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 2019 18 – 21 hrs

Dynamic and full of vitality, the works of Jürgen Paas move through space with colour and form. In addition to the vibrating circular installations, the exhibition Honky Tonk also features works whose lines dissolve the boundaries between image and sculpture. A celebration of color, announced in the title of the exhibition and deliberately referring to the colorful and shrill Honky Tonk pubs of the American Southwest.

The artist will be present at the opening of the exhibition.
As early as October 18, further works by Paas will be on view in the NEW LANDSHUT GALLERY, forming his artistic cosmos beyond all classification // www.ngla.de

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