Magic Vibes

11. November 2023
- 31. December 2023

We invite you to experience the renowned artists Anke Eilergerhard and Antonio Marra in a unique dialogue: MAGIC VIBES shows the the lively creation of complex multidimensional works of art through a play with play with colour and form.

Anke Eilergerhard occupies a unique artistic position in the world with her fantastic-absurd
polyorganosiloxane (silicone), Anke Eilergerhard occupies a unique artistic position worldwide. In doing so, the Berlin artist virtuously balances between the boundaries of concrete sculpture, abstraction and figurative sculpture. Her sculptures combine controversial elements such as tradition and modernity, industry and manufacture, emergence and decay, balance and its loss, femininity and masculinity. and masculinity.

Antonio Marra’s painting is determined by a multi-perspectival idea, which turns his paintings into living, moving kaleidoscopes that change with every step that change with every step and produce different images depending on the angle. With his own found style, the painter reflects the techniques of Op Art and Orphism, creating a surprising experience, that allows us to experience unique visual and spatial effects while simultaneously and simultaneously inspires us to reflect on our current behavioural culture. In the context of MAGIC VIBES, Eilergerhard and Marra enter into a profound artistic dialogue. dialogue and embark on a quest for three dimensional expression through their expression through their independent approaches to painting and sculpture. In each case, the components of light, colour and space through vibrations.


Kinga creates mystical figures from upcycled textiles before “painting them with the camera lens”. camera lens”, which she believes are omnipresent in all dimensions, and presents them omnipresent and presents them in the context of Magic Vibes.

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