Schein und Wirklichkeit

06. September 2024
- 10. November 2024

Christiane Grimm creates an illusion of light, color, and space in her two-dimensional, constructivist works. She explores the boundary between painting and object art through fluid color transitions and the use of various materials. She creates poetic, abstract spatial realities that, through the viewer, their movement in space, and the constantly changing incoming light, become magical windows.

Essential to Christiane Grimm’s work is the reference to phenomena in the tangible realm, as well as light and the continuous physical and emotional change it can evoke. Her works repeatedly feature the grid patterns of windows and suggestions of door openings, describing a metaphysical transition from one area to another. All individual forms create a comprehensive overall space that leaves open the question of what is appearance and reality, what is immediate sensory impression, what is geometric construction. But does the viewer really want to know this, or would they rather immerse themselves in these poetic windows that invite them to linger in this emotionally evocative play with color, light, and opening perspectives?

The HEITSCH GALLERY presents current works by Christiane Grimm at Baaderstr. 57, as well as the HE ❤ ART project, an art consulting firm that focuses on the art business, sales, event planning, PR, and collections. All of this is embedded in a futuristic virtual space.

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