Lodenfrey is known for a unique range of international fashion, traditional costumes and luxury lifestyle products and specializes in fulfilling the wishes of a discerning clientele.

Lodenfrey regularly surprises with artist cooperations and closes the circle between fashion, art and communication.

From March 24th to the beginning of April 2023, Lodenfrey will be presenting works by graphic artist Eike König in sales rooms and windows. König’s art combines typography with pop art and skilfully plays with the authority of poster texts and newspaper headlines. It is loud and direct on the one hand, but also subtle and deep. Eike König is represented in Munich by the HEITSCH GALLERY and is simultaneously showing paintings and mirror works in the exhibition FUTURE? NOW!

“The influence of design on our society, its permanent presence in everyday life, our constant interaction with it is much greater than the influence of art with its artificial elevation.” Eike König

Eike König is a graphic artist from Berlin, born in Hanau in 1968. He teaches as a professor for graphics and design at the HFG Offenbach and has been running the creative collective HORT in Berlin since 1994, which successfully implements projects for clients such as the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Nike and Microsoft. In 2011 he was awarded Visual Leader of the Year by Lead Academy.

In 2013 König was one of the first scholarship recipients in the applied graphic design discipline at Villa Massimo, Rome. Here he worked analogously for the first time since his training 30 years earlier, and this is where his desire to overcome the boundaries between design and art and to position himself as an artist arose. He is fascinated by the language of brands, be it consumer goods or cultural assets, as part of our language canon and in the verbalization of a promise.

“Eike König’s works stand between word and image and enclose both. His typographic works have something pictorial in their composition and sometimes also in their technique, the actually representational motifs, on the other hand, can also be read like signs. And both have an aura that opens up space for further associations, memories, analogies and ultimately insights by recognizing the immediate statement or the set sign. Bernd Skupin, formerly VOGUE, now Senior Editor (Art & Culture) at seduction.

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