Launch Party

We are launching Munich’s newest profitable art space in Maxvorstadt and are pleased to invite you to the opening and at the same time – with the exhibition BRUTAL BANAL by Eike König – the first event taking place there!

Modern technology and modern faith are neither complements nor opposites, nor do they represent successive stages in human development. They are, and always have been, fused, the technological enterprise being at the same time an essentially religious endeavour. Technology and religion are similar in that they evoke religious feelings of omnipotence, devotion and reverence and promise some kind of salvation/solution.” – David Noble
“In a BRUTALLY BANALE way, Eike König, like Frogger’s digital frog, moves along the busy road of the post-industrial revolution to arrive unscathed on the other side, without knowing what awaits him there. Isn’t that a good metaphor for life itself? Occasionally he’ll get run over, get back up, and start running again to cross another street full of rapidly moving technological objects programmed purely to move toward the future, but occasionally causing a life-threatening collision. How to escape from this? By ignoring ‘insert coin to continue’.
Progress, prosperity, education, exploitation, class struggle, strikes, freedom (who doesn’t get tired reading this?) … walk with us from pillar to pillar of our industrial nation (slash) consumer society. And don’t forget: the art on display here is for sale.

Eike König and the gallery team look forward to your visit

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