More than mere surfaces on which lines find their boundaries and colors are anchored, Henning von Gierke’s paintings are like mirrors, reflecting the transition between birth and death in the perpetual cycle of such ingrained impulses; they reveal themselves as passages – without loci or tempora – in which earthly saturation seeks to reach the celestial dome. In its “constant change” carries
the artist peels off the layers of alienation that the process of civilization has accumulated – giving us back the clarity of the essential, through symbols, signs and dreamscapes:
Meanings, Significances. Reinterpreting distant and forgotten deities, he makes us want and above all to believe that it may be possible for us to remember times of mysteries, prophecies and spells, those times when fate collided with the
Reality was interwoven and the supernatural played with the body and the mind. Henning von Gierke saves the appearance of the sacred profane in human beings.

Carla Devesa Rodrigues
Curator of the Museu da Horta

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