26. January 2019
- 09. March 2019

“Each idea seeks a form and a medium to become reality through perception.
To participate in this process and to combine art and life,
the HEITSCH GALLERY understands as its task.” // Joerg Heitsch

Jörg Heitsch is pleased to present the highlights of international artists’ positions on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the HEITSCH GALLERY, from minimalist and concrete to figurative painting, sculpture and video.

From the 25th of January we will present you the best of 25 years of gallery history in the exhibition HIGHLIGHTS. Look forward to large-format works by Udo Nöger, Angela Glajcar and Dirk Salz, exclusive digital art works by Moto Waganari and many more highlights. As a special feature, we present new video installations by Swiss artist MARCK and the digital model worlds by Matthias Zimmermann, which can be seen in the Heitsch Gallery for the first time.

Artists of the exhibition

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Artworks of the exhibition

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