Heitsch Gallery is pleased to present MARCO CASENTINI’s new exhibition minimal affairs from May 20th to July 30th, 2022.

With his concrete painting, the artist, who lives in Milan and Los Angeles, explores the dynamics of light, color and space, creating imaginary spaces through geometric intersections and a play with contrasts.

Expanding the boundaries of painting again and again, with “minimal affairs” he describes exactly this love for the new, for change – and in his latest works he creates pixel-like accents through fine overlays that establish a minimalist context.

Inspired by urban life in Northern Italy and Southern California, his color and design language penetrates into everyday life and not least prompted Maserati or Ferrari to collaborate – another allusion to his artistic “affairs”.

We invite you to form your own impression of Casentini’s art and look forward to welcoming you to our gallery.

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