HEART – The digital leap (1994-2024)

01. March 2024
- 15. April 2024

Heitsch Gallery goes digital. In a constantly evolving art world, it is time for us to take the next step. The globalizing art world, which is opening up more and more to the public, is encouraging us to break out of the old, rigid system of a gallery and become a fluid institution with exclusive opportunities. Since 1994, Jörg Heitsch has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting authentic, exceptional artists who participate innovatively in the art discourse and explore art history in a new way. Whether at the beginning of digitalization in the art world and society, the commercialization of the Internet, or when it comes to creating virtual spaces or alternative presentation areas, Heitsch is at the forefront and has moved a lot in the last 30 years. To celebrate this and initiate the next step, we are opening the exhibition “HEART – The Digital Leap”, the first stop in a large-scale exhibition series. A selection of artists from the gallery from the last 30 years is presented, such as Roland Helmer, Christiane Grimm, Slava Seidel, Yongbo Zhao and many more, who are shown in rotation. Habitual viewing habits and image subjects are questioned and rethought and the viewer is encouraged to perhaps discover what is familiar through new perspectives. Over the next few weeks, individual artists and positions will be highlighted again and again, which will lead to new hangings, works of art and input. Be there and become part of our digital leap.

More exciting changes and events are already in the pipeline so stay tuned!

Artists of the exhibition

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