16 FEBRUARY 2023 – 19 FEBRUARY 2023

The question is not unjustified, since Eike König is known as the enfant terrible of the graphic design scene. His leap into the art world? The risk par excellence. And – he is a true Berlin free spirit. Per se a challenge for any American who doesn’t call Brooklyn home?

No longer an unknown quantity in Europe, König has already worked with many of the most important creative companies – including Chanel and Nike. In addition to probably every single design hipster in Germany, numerous celebrities have already taken notice of him and want to call a piece of his design sarcasm their own.

Now, with Heitsch Gallery, his path leads him to the USA for the first time with a solo show as part of Art Wynwood in Miami (16 to 19 Feb.) and we ask ourselves: is America ready for this bold artist?

A living design icon, König is the founder and creative director of the Berlin-based creative collective HORT and, not least, has received a practice fellowship from the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome, which focuses on the most outstanding and promising artists in the German-speaking world.

Like Warhol in his day, Eike forms a melange of art and advertising, pushing it to new heights with unmistakable sarcasm and social criticism, thus shifting the horizon of what is possible in the art world and in advertising. A kind of digital pop art. In doing so, he makes use of well-known logos and witty slogans like an advertising copywriter and lets the viewer doubt our seemingly never-satiated world with a portion of wit. He does not solve questions, he asks them.
His work thrives on a constant tension, a paradox, as its focus is on the commercial depravity of humanity, while he himself is part of the apparatus of commercial luxury and sells his art for no small amount of money. (How badass is that? ;))

King’s art is therefore perhaps best understood as a kind of “mindbranding”: The use and recontextualisation of brands that lead to a rethinking of the existing.

So AMERICA, ARE YOU READY for the future of Pop Art?

Then we look forward to welcoming you to Art Wynwood in Miami, Florida from 16 to 19 February!

Eike König & Heitsch Gallery

at the same time the HEITSCH GALLERY Munich presents current art in the context of Eike König, Roland Helmer, Dirk Salz, Christiane Grimm, Marco Casentini, Jürgen Paas, Antonio Marra, Lisa Granada, Jessus Hernandez, Ralf Schmerberg, Henning von Gierke, Isabella Berr, Slava Seidel, Angela Glajcar Lukas Blok, Udo Nöger and Marck

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